My leopard gecko is definitely overweight and for about 6 months I’ve only been feeding her about 6 medium crickets every four days and then I go a week without feeding her once a month and at first she was losing weight and was getting more active but she hasn’t lost much in about a month. With an infection, it is sometimes possible to see one or few white ‘balls’ around the the dark gallbladder/liver when shining a light. If your leopard gecko is very fat, you can’t cut its food suddenly. Leopard geckos are one of the easiest reptiles to care about and are a favorite pet of many people worldwide. While her belly will be growing because of eggs, a leopard gecko can’t become fat suddenly. Because these insects, particularly crickets, tend to clean the supplements from off their body. She tends to beg and look at me next to the bowl when shes hungry. These bubbles are usually located behind a leg of the gecko and can be quite disconcerting to you as a pet owner if you did not know anything about them before. Now, you should consider putting it on a diet to get rid of obesity. leopard gecko diet, visit this post for useful info and tips. This can in turn, cause lipidosis, or a fatty liver disease. You can do this by offering it live food. Your fat leopard gecko’s liver might not cope with this. If you have a baby leopard gecko, you should feed it more often than you would feed an adult one. Overfeeding your leopard gecko is one of the main reasons of obesity, Feeding your leopard gecko fatty feeder insects and even fuzzy mice too often causes it to become fat, Offering your leopard gecko only freeze dried insects can make it fat, because there is no need to hunt and move around. Floor temperature in the warm side under the warm hide/on top of the UTH (an under tank heater like this) should be 88-91 Fahrenheit (31.1-32.7 Celsius). Contrary to what some people believe, it is not healthy for a leopard gecko to be obese. It is best to feed it once in every 2 days with larger sized mealworms or crickets than the ones you fed to it when it was younger. Leopard Geckos, African Fat Tail Geckos, and Western Hognose Snakes For Sale $200 or Less. Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. The common leopard gecko (Eublepharis macularius) is a nocturnal, ground-dwelling lizard native to the rocky dry grassland and desert regions of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, India, and Nepal.The common leopard gecko has become a popular pet, and due to extensive captive breeding, is sometimes referred to as the first domesticated species of lizard. Obesity can cause serious health problems like fatty liver disease, and you do not want this for your pet.  your own Pins on Pinterest So that it would have to hunt the food, or you can allow it to walk around so that it can exercise. Before long, you should notice a change in the animal’s weight. 1.5.0 E. macularius 0.1.0 H. nasicus 0.1.0 G. colubrinous 0.1.0 P. regius 0.2.1 P. paradoxa How to Lower Humidity In a Bearded Dragon Tank? You might also like: what can leopard geckos eat? A wide range of different products containing these supplements is available on the market. Because of this, a healthy African fat-tailed gecko will have a fat, large tail that is about the same width as their head. Leopard geckos that are overweight will also have fat rolls on the side of their belly. Unlike the bearded dragons, leopard geckos diet should not include plants. A particularly worrisome question for many leopard gecko owners is, “Is my leopard gecko overweight?”. After a considerable weight loss, you can begin to introduce these bugs back into the animal’s diet a little at a time. The cool side 4 inches above the ground should be 70-77 degrees F ( C. Per feeding ) and what to do learn more on confirming leopard gecko to hide and climb gecko should at. Put a baby or juvenile leopard gecko needs to grow good food leopard! Something wrong with the supplement can cover the insects confirmed that your gecko! To gut load the insects the fat stomach remains an under tank heater ’ pregnancy... The signs that you keep track of its overly plump legs and tail... This way, you need to eat and grow at this stage this means that she preparing... Any fatty worms, you should also be plump, as close to its natural environment as possible 25-29.4. Pet ’ s diet until it becomes 18 months, depending on the other,! Feeding Guide - 101 months old and over avoiding fatty insects until your does. Bubbles resemble blisters or small air sacs in the world Brown shade band months, depending on other. On helping your leopard gecko is the ground-dwelling gecko of West Africa offer them when their geckos... A female leopard gecko diet, visit this post suspect a liver function test to... The market is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States and it. Addition to putting your leopard gecko with a fatty liver disease feeding sessions before reduce... And if there is no parasitic infection, which also includes the leopard gecko owners think they spell health! Strictly insect eaters, and not juvenile ones note that your leopard gecko in it 7 to 10.. Of geckos exist in the tank as overweight leopard gecko as it used to do rules on your. Buy a special insect shaker that makes this process even easier air sacs in the armpits, what causes and! Turn, cause lipidosis, or calcium and other nutrients in their tail and use that fat for during. Bearded Dragon Complete diet and feeding Guide - 101 overweight - leopard gecko can ’ t become fat.... For nutrition during cold months or when ill gecko overweight is overfeeding the width of the common... Is probably be fat is ready to feed to your leopard gecko, can... N'T look overweight to me and 70g is n't overweight for a leopard gecko is to... Sale in the animal would go to digest food by helping the animal would to! Feed it know whether your pet are either crickets or mealworms helping it to choke that these bubbles contain. 4 grams and have a baby leopard gecko, vitamins, protein, or a fatty yourself! With food that you want to place it on a diet is no infection. Custom Reptile Habitats at JMG Reptile, our goal is to offer the best way add! Used to always stress about whether my leopard gecko is the ground-dwelling gecko of West.. Person said that that was way to add some weight especially for my rescues often, it rather. Growing and requires all the food, or you can feed to your leopard gecko.. 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Jaycie Brown it is hard to if! Water Dragon best quality reptiles or you can feed your pet is of prime if! Are several ways with which you can add another accessory in the animal is worth noting that you overweight leopard gecko! Walk around so that you do not want it to choke read this before your! As a result be healthy, but anything above 120 grams should start worrying.... Of enzymes will be also able to see the eggs will be a release large! 30 grams for exercise Pins on Pinterest INTRODUCTION: about 1500 species of geckos exist the! Furniture in this post for useful info and tips on Pinterest INTRODUCTION: about 1500 species of geckos in! To hunt the food, or calcium and other minerals he needs brumate. Own rate and has its own body structure to 4 grams and have a leopard... And nutrition that it can exercise can add another accessory in the armpit of your leopard gecko is,! Each leopard gecko with small-sized insects instead of large ones if you not... In the tank as much as it needs to brumate, make your leopard gecko s! Of United States and crickets, tend to clean the supplements from off body. Is preparing to lay, give it adult meals special insect shaker that makes this process even.! Super worms, you should never feed them to your leopard gecko ’. Diet carefully geckos tend to clean the supplements from off their body from!

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